Our client contracted with a printer in Shantou, China to produce the 8 flexible packaging components for this new line of “Good for You” candy products. Coincidentally, the printer recently acquired a new Italian-made13-color rotogravure press. Our client gave us his approval to use as many or all of those 13 ink stations. This gave us the ability to adhere to the strict Sunkist Growers Pantone® color standards (4 colors) and still have additional stations for CMYK for the fruit and candy art, and any additional Pantone® colors used for product segmentation.

The challenge for the production team was to create files that would be fool-poof since no one was attending the press run in China. As a result, it was necessary to create individual separated raster-based files that consisted of CMYK plus an additional 6 Pantone® spot-color channels, and in total we created 12 pre-separated files. The result of the due diligence for this project was 8 perfectly reproduced packaging components printed with no problems.

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